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frequently asked Questions

No. Our parties are always only from 18 years. There is no Muttizettel with us. Please bring a valid ID card with you.

No. With the ticket you only get access to the event. A public transport ticket must be purchased separately.

At our events run the different varieties of Psychedelic and Progressive Trance.

The Kolbenhalle is only open to big Wummerland every October.

We are currently organizing in Mannheim, Frankfurt and Saarbrücken. We are open for suggestions on suitable locations. Send us your suggestions the best

Ribbons are only available for the big Wummerland every October.

Merchandise is currently in planning.

Please contact directly to the respective club.
Contact MS Connexion: Tel: 06218544156 /
Contact Mauerpfeiffer:  Tel: 015224052998 /
Contact THW: Tel: 06990017855 /

Please send us all your DJ information with working links

Addresses of the clubs we currently use:
MS Connexion Complex / Angel Road 33/68199 Mannheim
Mauerpfeiffer / Lebacher Str. 1-7a / 66113 Saarbrücken
Tanzhaus West / Gutleutstrasse 294/60327 Frankfurt am Main

We post the pictures on our social media channels

Parts of the sets can be found on our Soundcloud Channel:

Yes, you can register for it on our website.

Here we follow the philosophy of the club.
Mannheim: No.
Saarbrücken: Yes
Frankfurt: Yes

Unfortunately, no. These are indoor events. Please leave your animals at home.

There is a wardrobe at all our events, but please try to travel with small luggage if possible to avoid long waiting times.

Bring your own drinks, food or deodorant is not allowed on our events.