Giovanni Lorenzetti Aka Yohanan born in September 1989 in Mondavio, a medieval Italian village in the Adriatic coast.
His Love for music took him learn how to play guitar and drums since the childhood.
The passion on him evolved toward the electronic music and his interest was always the production and creation of his own music, especially psy trance music.
In fact Giovanni felt in love for this music at the age of 16 so he helped as he could different tribes to organize parties, the same one he took part of later on when he learned how to mix tracks.
He also played in big different cities as Florence and Rome through the tribe that he was part of till 2014.
The same year he decided to emigrate to Australia and Asia where he spent most of the time working and producing music.
These travels woke him up and gave to him the right energies to make the actual Yohanan project with his experimental sound.
With his return in 2016, he started to play his Live set as independent artist.
In 2017 his first official EP will be released in collaboration with SQUARELAB Music that he will always be grateful to.



20.10.2018 - 21:00 Uhr

Weitere Künstler

DJ, Live
DJ, Live
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