Vici is a visual artist from Trendelburg near Kassel, born in 1988.
She does fine arts, commission drawing and painting since 2003, first made artworks and illustrations for publishers, punk labels and bands. Over the years she created many surreal, abstract, psychedelic and political pieces of art, showing you different ways to feel and see the world. She does drawings, paintings, grafics, sculptures, creates fluorescent worlds, stuffed creatures, screen prints, airbrush, string arts, fabrics, different kinds of bricolages with mixed media… and a lot more other stuff. She had many exhibitions of fine arts since 2007 and started doing psychedelic decoration for parties and festivals together with her husband Roman, a very talented creative carpenter, in 2015. Together they started exploring new ideas… growing, experimenting and creating… They joined „Weltaufgang“-Crew in 2015, collaborated with many fantastic artists and then became part of the wonderful „Chaishop“-Family! 



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DJ, Live
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