Sequoya is the project of Yan Krassowski, born in 1979 in Darmstadt, Germany. His love and passion for electronic music started back in the mid 90`s with the young age of 15, where he discovered the local techno scene. Early influences where DJ`s like Sven Väth or DJ Dag and first experiences in technoclubs, like the legendary Omen or Dorian Gray in Frankfurt a.M.

He started to spin techno tunes at small parties until the psytrance virus changed his musical direction. With a bunch of friends – the Gecko Crew ­ he organised a couple of small parties in his home area, and begann to play progressive/psytrance Dj sets under the alias Yan Gecko. After a couple of years, with lots of national and some international gigs, he joined BMSS Records and released a few tracks on different compilations.

Yans favourite was always rather deep and mystical sound. After some life changing dancefloor experiences at big festivals, he fell completely in love with forest psy and more nighttime orientated music­ 2012 the Sequoya project was born. The debut EP “Nomad” came out in 2013 on BMSS Records, 2015 the “Singularity EP” on Sangoma and there is more to come. His music can be described as deep, flowing forest psy with a unique style of storytelling and remarkable sounddesign. The liveset is under construction­ be sure to catch one of his mindbending dj sets meanwhile.



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DJ, Live
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