After strolling through different music styles and scenes in the late 1990s Psypha came in contact with his first Goa party at the beginning of the new millennium. He quickly realized that this was the place he had long been looking for. Still influenced by Punkrock and E.B.M. roots he absorbed the new energies and vibes he encountered at parties in the Rhein-Main-area. Mainly influenced by the Nada Brahma crew, it was just a logical consequence that he felt the need to give his new musical love some form of expression. In 2001 he stood behind the decks for the first time.

After organizing some of his own parties with friends he decided that it was time to explore Asia, but chose to focus on experiencing rather than Djing. In 2005 he moved to Heidelberg and soon uncovered a fledgling local Goa scene. Psypha forged ahead in high gear. In 2009, after experimenting with different approaches to the genre, he was playing regularly at parties in the famous Villa Nachttanz. By the time Psypha had developed his personal expression of the genre, he was already a resident DJ at the Alice im Wummerland parties in Mannheim, which have evolved to be one of Germany’s biggest indoor Psytrance events. Since then, he has whipped up a ruckus on dance floors throughout the area, as well as Frankfurt, Marburg and Nürnberg.

Psypha’s style can be described as deep progressive sounds with rolling basslines accompanied by a bounty of harmonies, sometimes uplifting, sometimes melancholic…but always leading the dance floor forward without compromising on what is essential to the psychedelic sound.

This music is a heart-opener for him and gives him the chance to express the deepest feelings of his soul and he loves it when the dancing crowd shares this form of „psychotherapy” with him.

Right now he is also experimenting with a faster, more psychedelic side of Psytrance. He started a side-project under the name of Dj Propagandhini, which is dedicated to forest sounds. Keep an eye out for that!



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