Nebokads Dream

When I discovered the psychedelic music scene ,for me the interest in getting involved gradually grew. This is how the first Lycra cloths and papier mache were made. At this time I also learned how to handle a CD player and mixer …

By the fall of 2016, I started experimenting with driftwood and branches and used some other organic materials and effects as additives.
My vision: to imitate the dark and spooky nature of nature with its ancient forests in a psychedelic way and dress up the dancefloors of great psy-events with this robe.

The aim is not merely to decorate, but to create an atmosphere that will create a swampy, ghostly, organic and at the same time poisonous illusion – my „biotoxic-sphere“.

So I dream my dream, expand it and reinvent it. It is still a long way to realize my ideas ..



19.10.2019 - 21:00 Uhr

Weitere Künstler

DJ, Live
DJ, Live
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