Lunatic Circus

Lunatic Crius (aka Marcus Seipt ) was born in GDR times in Erfurt and
came to Hessen in 1992. He was 14 when he got in touch with electronic music by a neighbour – and bought a mixer which was the begining of his musical life. He starded as DJ Maxx on his first trance-techno event in 1993. This led to many bookings on several techno events in Germany from 1994 – 1999.
In 2000, he got to know Psytrance and Goa and in 2001 he had his first booking at the Sun Dance followed by events as:

Osidian Langgoens at casting
Sun dancing in the monastery Kronau
Shiva Moon 2002 Meck – Pomm
Dance the night owls (own organization)
Dream safari in Wiesbaden
Dance of the Dragonflies (Unterliederbach source Odenwald)
Dimension jump (Munster)

and he was also involved in the show „Techno Kitchen“ at Radio Rheinwelle Wiesbaden.
During the following years he traveled around on different festivals .



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DJ, Live
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