JOIX is a passionate and versatile Techno Producer & Liveact Performer with focus on unusual sounds, groovy vibes and a mainly deep atmosphere.
He is making electronic music for over 20 years now and can look back to many gigs at clubs and festivals in all parts of Germany, but also at countries in Europe and Asia.

His sound is deeply influenced by electronic music from Detroit, Berlin and Frankfurt and can be mostly descriped as Deep Techno with phat basslines, strange soundscapes and drifty beats.
He prefers to make music with an analog modular system (Doepfer A-100), analog synthesizers, drum machines, didgeridoo and his voice.

Enjoy the sound of JOIX! 🙂



20.10.2018 - 21:00 Uhr

Weitere Künstler

DJ, Live
DJ, Live
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