Forest Bamp

Bam Verdugo a.k.a Forest Bamp was born in Madrid, and he’s currently living on Barcelona.

After going to some electronic underground parties, he got introduce to the psychedelic trance music ,and felt in love with it. He visited his first psytrance party in 2010, ever since his life completely changed, he found a place where everything was possible.

After visitings many parties and as a music freak, he started to collect the music he was finding no the web, and trying to express what psychedelic means for him through groovie and atmospheric Dj sets. In the same team, he start to make parties in his own town, Madrid, with the collective Ritual. In this parties you could find the most fresh and underground music in the psytrance scene. In 2015 he signs the Indian label Vantara Vichitra and starts to travel around expreding the word.

Since he started DJing, his music curiosity started to grow, and in 2017 he began to create and develop his own music, to create his own story. Some years after he he has released music in labels such as Vantara Vichitra Records, Urban Antidote Records or The cure, and visited countries like Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, U.K or Belgium playing his music.

In his performance, you can expect the unexpected and travel into places that no one has been before. Groovie basslines, deep atmospheres and eclectic leads will accompany you through the trip! Enjoy the Journey!



24.10.2020 - 21:00 Uhr

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DJ, Live
DJ, Live
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