Drury Nevil

Dennis aka Drury Nevil was borned in Andritsena (Greece) and grew up in Athens.
During his trip around in the world of psychedelic culture he decided to transfer his experience
in psychedelic dance music by using a computer and a hardware equipment.

After a time of dedication, he started composing heavy groove tunes with characteristic
drum elements. His first released track „Borderlines“ came out on 2007 and after that
he is constantly present in psychedelic trance discography in various music labels.

„OhmInside“ is his side project in collaboration with „Tromo“.
Meanwhile he shares time in studio with many other producers like
Orestis, Petran, Freak Planet, Antonymous and others.

Enjoy as he is enjoying…



26.01.2019 - 22:00 Uhr

Weitere Künstler

DJ, Live
DJ, Live
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