Behind Archaic project is Kostas, born in Thessaloniki, Greece.

His musical background starts with the explosion of the punk age in the 80s and later with the first underground rave culture.

Kostas fell in love with psychedelic trance music in the beginning of the 90s when he started to spin under the name of DJ Lory, so he became one of the first DJs in Greece who was playing this type of music: he was then performing in many major parties, and also taking part in organizing events.

Around 1996 he started to experiment and write his own music, alone and together with friends, creating tracks which only exist on DAT tapes under projects names such as Full Moon Unit, Shabaladelia, Initia and others. In 2002 he released his first album Shining Beings as Initia: the sound here was more for the day time and experimental.

During the years he never stopped to explore and experiment with great passion music and composition. In 2004 Archaic project was born, inspired from various books and mainly from Terrence Mckenna “The Archaic Revival” and Mirchea Eliade “Shamanism and the Archaic techniques of Ecstasy”.. And in 2008 released his first album Wildness with project name Archaic on english label Wildthings Records. The music had immediately a great response and many other releases came after that, making his music more known to the international psy-trance community.



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DJ, Live
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