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MS Connexion

Originally the MS Connexion was founded as a music and sports leisure center in August 1982 by Zojin Samardzic. This also resulted in the initials M & S. At that time the integration of a dance school, a jeans shop and a sauna were planned. The current "club" was to become a swimming pool at that time, but was rebuilt into a theater. Many of these planning steps fell victim to the lack of approval by the city of Mannheim at the time.

In 1984, J. Bulla decided to join the MS Connexion as a co-shareholder. This led until the mid-90s, the club. After the death of J. Bulla, his brother took over the management of the business, with the result that this was heavily in debt and then settled abroad. At the same time, B. Hofmeister and W. Schneider took over the management and slowly rebuilt the badly battered club.

Finally, in March 2003, MS Connexion celebrated the grand re-opening party, with a redesigned main floor, under the new management of C. Lömmersdorf, who had worked as event organizer since 1999.

In 2014, J. Welzenbach replaced Mr. Lömmersdorf as Managing Director.



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